Chef Maurice

Chef Maurice was born to a Jewish family that had fled Bolshevik Russia and later Azerbaijan. At 17 years old, he left for California, taking a job in a “redneck” roadside steakhouse for 95 cents an hour.Co-workers and customers alike called him a variety of ethnic slurs. “This was before civil rights” he said. One day, the hard-drinking head chef was too intoxicated to cook, so Maurice carefully prepared a steak and eggs breakfast for one of the most critical customers. The customer said it was the best breakfast he’d ever had, leaving a 25 cent tip. “A 20 percent tip, huge for those days!’ Maurice recalled. “That’s when I knew cooking was my passion.”

For the next 40 years Maurice would take his passion for creating unique dishes and evolve into a well respected chef in Northern California.For a decade Maurice was head chef of the Job Corp Institute in San Jose, teaching troubled students the art of cooking.

“I don’t train cooks. If that is all they want to do,I can get them a little job any place.I want them to know the art, the skills and the economics of cooking.

Chef Maurice purchased a home in Reno, vacationing several times each year and enjoying the people of Northern Nevada.He always had a dream of opening his own restaurant,cooking the food he grew up eating with his family. Realizing Reno was lacking a true, authentic Mediterranean restaurant,Chef Maurice decided it was time to make his dream come true.

We invite you to experience Chef Maurice’s culinary art of cooking. Whether a meat-lover or vegetarian, you and your friends/family will not soon forget the experience at Naan & Kabab.